Sometimes you have to have something to which you look forward. For me, this year, it has been going to Gilwell Reunion at Gilwell Park, the home of UK Scouting.

Reunion is for adults in Scouting particularly those who have a Wood Badge but not exclusively any more.

Tomorrow, I head off after my dialysis session which has been brought forward to allow me to get over by aëroplane.

I’m looking forward to the event with renewed enthusiasm as I now have six venture scouts in my scout group who have me as their leader. I was appointed as such just before my kidneys failed at Christmas but we only had one venture last year. Now we have five more. They are also camping this weekend at Scouting Ireland’s Ventact.

I hope to blog a bit more over the weekend. For now, I need to get back to packing and including my long list of medications. Let’s see if the drink supplements get through security this time. I do have a copy of he prescription to prove that they are needed.