Adventures past, present, and future

I had hoped to blog whilst at Gilwell Reunion, but that was just not meant to be. Finding the time to sit and reflect was just not really part of my time last weekend.

As with all larger scout camps there were times when I simply wanted to be on my own. Other times, it was standing talking to friends old and new.

On Sunday morning some Scouters gathered at the gate next to the White House which is known as Cornwall Gate for a short service of remembrance. The gate is there as a memorial to two Cornish Venture Scouts who died in the summer of 1972 when lightning struck their tent during the Cornwall County camp at Gilwell Park. The gates have been totally refurbished with the help of the Thane Rover Crew, and Cornish Scouters are now looking towards the 50th anniversary.

Remembering past Scouters and Rovers who have passed on the torch of Scouting is very important to me. Without them, the many millions of scouts across the world would not have had the adventure they have had, the adventure they are currently having, nor the adventure we are still to have.

I look forward to the next year of Scouting with my own venture scouts, and we will see what adventures we can have.

One thought on “Adventures past, present, and future

  1. I was present on that camp and remember it well. I was with an Air Scout Troop from St Eval. My, then long, hair stuck to to the frame of the kitchen shelter I was in. I did not recognise the significance at time.

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