Yesterday, I recognised the gear change that has happened in my care for living with chronic kidney failure. Since December 2018, when my kidneys failed due to Goodpasture Syndrome, I have received my dialysis treatment in a hospital setting. At the very beginning of my journey, it really was an emergency setting. Later on, it was an acute way of working. On Friday past, I transferred my care from the hospital setting to the community-based centre which is run by B Braun Ireland in Port Laoise.

During the session yesterday, I realised that the team in Port Laoise is very much focussed on my health: my ongoing health. The team there are working with me to improve my health. They are concentrating on ensuring that I do the best I can to live well with kidney failure.

Renal diet – starting afresh

Over the last weekend, I completed a food diary for the dietician. She was a little taken aback when she saw it. There was not a lot of food on it. But, she is going to start with me afresh to work out sensible things to eat to stay within the renal diet. Given that I am now not acutely unwell, it should be easier for me to remember what is said to me. I’ve also started a file in which to keep the information.

“Keeping you well for the next twenty years”

The manager of the centre did say that his aim was to keep me well for the next twenty years. That really helped me. It clearly showed the change from emergency/acute care to chronic/long-term care. Although I am sure the staff in B Braun would love it for me if I were to get a kidney transplant, they are also well aware that it might not happen and unless it does, I will be on dialysis for the rest of my life. With the staff looking out for me, I’m renewing my interest in doing what I can to make dialysis work better for me.