As we are now into 2022, it’s now over three years since I started receiving dialysis because of kidney failure due to Goodpasture Syndrome. On occasion, it is hard to believe that it has been as long as that, and on other occasions, it feels much shorter. But, here we are, three years on, still waiting to get on to the transplant list formally, but as healthy as I can be while on dialysis.

The latest update on monthly blood tests has been added to the dialysis blood results table. I continue to record the figures for various parts of dialysis during my dialysis sessions in a new book for 2022. This means that there is a semi-instant record should a nurse or doctor want to check something. I have a record, rather them having to search on a computer.

Looking into 2022, hopefully, my health will continue to be good. Alongside Andrew, I have joined The Gym Monasterevin, which should help me to keep my fitness levels good in case of transplant. I don’t want to be refused a transplant because I am not fit enough. I have my first trip to the gym on Monday morning at 07:30 for a fitness assessment. This could be interesting. I intend on making entries in the Positive Gym blog to keep track of what is happening there.

I also hope to get back into the way of cooking from fresh again. Hopefully, there will be some new recipes put on the blog, but eating really is a challenge.

Wish me luck for 2022