It has been a long time since I have been used as the guinea pig for people learning about dialysis. That did happen regularly in the spring of 2019 when Professor Mark Little brought final year medical students into my room to learn about dialysis and renal patients, when I was receiving my care in Tallaght University Hospital.

Today, in the B Braun Wellstone Midlands Renal Care Centre, it was the unit manager, Ger, who brought in the vaccination lead who was in to give the next dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to many of the dialysis patients here. As I received my last dose just three months ago (tomorrow) I am not able to get my next dose until another month has passed.

I always enjoy it when I am included in the discussion, showing how the dialysis machine works, showing where its constituent parts are, the blood pump, the dialyser, the air trap, etc. By interacting with others learning, it means that I continue to learn about my own dialysis.

We also talked about the various medications that I have to take and what they do in my care.

I wonder how long it will be before this process happens again.