Four simple words which can really make a difference to other people around us.

As I was returning from my appointment at Beaumont Hospital this afternoon, I reached Heuston Station in Dublin and found an information stand and some people from Mental Health Ireland. They were promoting their

Say Hello and ask: How are you? campaign.

I ended up speaking to Maria from Mental Health Ireland about the importance of being able to let down the mask that most people see to a few people. We all know what it is like, you get asked how you are and, to make it easier, you say that you’re fine. Even when this is not altogether true.

Sometimes, we say that all is “grand” simply to avoid others giving their tuppence’s worth without actually listening to what we are saying. This is why it is so important for us to follow the steps in the MHI campaign.


Say Hello and ask How are you?


Engage with the person.


Actively listen to the person.


Learn about the person and how they are feeling.


Give time to talk through options.

About Mental Health Ireland

Mental Health Ireland is Ireland’s longest established mental health charity as it was founded in 1966. Its mission is to promote and enhance mental health and well-being and to create a culture where we are all supported, especially when our mental health is being challenged.

You can find out more at Mental Health Ireland.