Over thirty years of experience and it’s a schoolboy error that delays my day!

With a hospital appointment clashing with the funeral of a friend, today was not the day for further delays to happen during a routine appointment at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Sadly, a simple schoolboy error ended up winding me up. At least I don’t have to return for six months… Continue reading Over thirty years of experience and it’s a schoolboy error that delays my day!

low carbs? anyone got any recipes?

Well you may remember that a few weeks ago my GP recommended that I try for a low white carbs diet. I’ve not been terribly successful at this over the last few weeks – mainly due to some stress over Andrew’s job. However, yesterday, we resolved together to try to make it work. So, if anyone has any recipes for such a diet? I’d be pleased to hear from you. If you are happy for me to re-post them on here, please indicate in the form below! Continue reading low carbs? anyone got any recipes?

Thinking about what I eat… advice from the GP.

I have never been overweight before – in fact quite the opposite, so finding out this morning that I weigh 14 stone 11 pounds was a bit of a shock today. Something needs to be done. At least we know that there is a cause – my antidepressant, Mirtazapine causes craving of Carbs – and now that I know this, I can start to think a bit more seriously about what I eat. According to my GP, white carbs are bad. So out goes the white toast, oodles of mashed potato, sugar, white rice etc, and of course sweets. In … Continue reading Thinking about what I eat… advice from the GP.

Three o’clock and no food – not the thing to do.

Some days I eat plenty, and other days I don’t. Today is definitely one of the latter. I’ve got plenty done. We – our cleaner and me – have got quite a lot done. washing up done (cleaner) hoovering done (cleaner) washing put away (both of us) Cloak room started to be sorted (both of us) And I have been trying to sort out Google+ and other apps to make my life easier. All in all, a busy day, but I’ve not even managed to get a cup of coffee! Bad me. So now, I’m going to go downstairs and … Continue reading Three o’clock and no food – not the thing to do.

Do we get to get your autograph now…?

It has been a goal for many months, indeed it has been a goal since I was diagnosed back in March 2009. Suffice to say the goal posts have moved now… but what happened in the Royal yesterday? Up at the HIV Clinic in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast it was great to see new faces,  a few old ones and ones that have been there most days that I have been up. New social worker With Corinne having retired in June, there was a new social worker who has been in post for some months, he was very pleased … Continue reading Do we get to get your autograph now…?

Progress Report: Eviplera

Well, it is just over a week since I started taking my new prescription. The new drug is Eviplera and it is a single tablet once a day. This is wonderful as taking three sets of meds around with you if travelling is a pain. It’s been a bit of a culture shock though. The old meds were taken last thing at night, every night. The new ones are to be taken with a meal. Getting out of the rhythm of taking the meds as I head to bed is proving quite difficult. We’ll see how it goes in the … Continue reading Progress Report: Eviplera

May 1, 2010

It’s been quite a while since  I posted here. The main reason was that everything came to a head at the end of March, and I ended up being admitted to hospital with an abscess caused by MRSA. This was actually quite a good thing as this resulted in a number of things happen. Whilst in hospital: I restarted my antiretrovirals (Truvada and Viramune) the abscess was drained my clinical psychologist arrived down (instead of me going to visit him) my social worker arrived came in to talk about what would happen next there was a referral to the Psychiatric … Continue reading May 1, 2010