GP clears up some confusion

In the last couple of weeks two things happened: I became very much confused and appeared to be drunk on occasions (without drinking any alcohol); and I had restarted taking my antidepressant, Mirtazapine. On Friday evening past, I failed to take my medication, and on Saturday I felt much more myself. Following discussion with my husband, we put it down to the failure to take Mirtazepine. This morning, Andrew and I went to my GP. There, we discussed how I had been and it was agreed to take me off the Mirtazapine. This had already been my decision and I … Continue reading GP clears up some confusion

Thinking about what I eat… advice from the GP.

I have never been overweight before – in fact quite the opposite, so finding out this morning that I weigh 14 stone 11 pounds was a bit of a shock today. Something needs to be done. At least we know that there is a cause – my antidepressant, Mirtazapine causes craving of Carbs – and now that I know this, I can start to think a bit more seriously about what I eat. According to my GP, white carbs are bad. So out goes the white toast, oodles of mashed potato, sugar, white rice etc, and of course sweets. In … Continue reading Thinking about what I eat… advice from the GP.