In the last couple of weeks two things happened: I became very much confused and appeared to be drunk on occasions (without drinking any alcohol); and I had restarted taking my antidepressant, Mirtazapine. On Friday evening past, I failed to take my medication, and on Saturday I felt much more myself. Following discussion with my husband, we put it down to the failure to take Mirtazepine.

This morning, Andrew and I went to my GP. There, we discussed how I had been and it was agreed to take me off the Mirtazapine. This had already been my decision and I had basically gone cold-turkey since Friday. In a couple of weeks, I am to return to my GP for re-evaluation. Lucky me, I have to go in fasting so that they can do a whole raft of blood tests too. Woohoo!

My GP took my blood pressure whilst I was there and asked about how it was when I was on dialysis. On seeing that it was 150/90, she asked about blood pressure medication. I had been prescribed it by the Renal team in Tallaght but had stopped it earlier in the summer because it had made me feel dizzy. Following some discussion, my GP has prescribed me the same drug, Amlode, but at half the dose. So the pharmacy will have to cut the pills in two!

I also asked that I might be given a Ventolin inhaler as there have been occasions when I have reached for one and realised that I did not have one. The preventer inhalers, Duoresp Spiromax are great, but they are preventers not relievers and are of no use during the day. At least now, I will have the reliever as well.

The GP also let me know that the GuIDE team at St James’s Hospital in Dublin are looking at changing my HIV medication regime as well. That would definitely be welcomed by me as it is currently quite difficult to keep track of – even with the medication tracker.

So, that was quite a lot to get in one consultation, but I am pleased with it.

One medication stopped, another re-started at a lower dose, and additional inhaler.