Thinking about what I eat… advice from the GP.

I have never been overweight before – in fact quite the opposite, so finding out this morning that I weigh 14 stone 11 pounds was a bit of a shock today. Something needs to be done.

At least we know that there is a cause – my antidepressant, Mirtazapine causes craving of Carbs – and now that I know this, I can start to think a bit more seriously about what I eat. According to my GP, white carbs are bad. So out goes the white toast, oodles of mashed potato, sugar, white rice etc, and of course sweets. In comes brown bread, not as much mashed potato, fruit, and see where I go from there. I have signed up to MyFitnessPal online and I’ll see how I get on with that. Looks like a Food Diary and an Exercise Diary will be needed each day – and actually completed. And I am sure that the Recipes page will start getting used a bit more…

Talking of Exercise, Andrew and I have both been pointed in the direction of by our GP who we are told is at the Belfast Victoria Park event most Saturday mornings. She says that there although it is ParkRun there is nothing that says I can’t make it a ParkWalk at least to begin. I wonder if I will be able to summon up enough energy to head over there this Saturday morning… 9 am seems terribly early to me.

One thought on “Thinking about what I eat… advice from the GP.

  1. Nutrition is a very important to managing health and immune system. I’m fairly healthy, but I started juicing for breakfast and eating raw veggie salad for lunch, couple with a very light dinner. I also limit my dairy intake to greek nonfat yogurt once in a while. Anyway, in just two weeks I noticed a huge difference in my skin, my stomach is flatter (I do exercise, but abs are made in the kitchen), and even my digestive system is bloating or feeling sluggish anymore. So diet can make a huge difference!

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