Udsc_05571.jpgp until recently it has been me being the unwell one in my marriage. However, since December and much more so in the last few weeks it has been Andrew. Like me, you would not know just from looking at him what is wrong. And for a while I even doubted that there was something physically wrong with him. But today we got word that he, touch wood, will be going into the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald to have his gall bladder removed.

As many of us living with HIV know, it can be very frustrating to say that you are not well and then not be believed. Or to tick the ‘disabled’ box on a job application form only to have this questioned if you manage to get an interview. Andrew has been suffering pain for many months now. He has been taking painkillers almost like sweeties but this has been under the close supervision of his GP. It looks like the end of the waiting has come. It’ll be up to me to look after him this time. And of course, I’ll do my best to do so.

The next few posts on here may be telling what is happening with him but – as I have said before – without Andrew I doubt that I would be here to be able to tell it.

Perhaps in the summer he and I will be able to get out into the countryside and enjoy some walks together.