And he’s home

This morning Andrew was let out of hospital, and with the help of a friend, Pam, we were able to get him home easily enough. Many thanks to the staff at the Ulster Hospital, especially the student nurse, Aoife, who seemed to take great care of him when he was in Ward 10. Last night was an awful one for me. I slept really, really badly. I kept waking up, realising Andrew wasn’t in bed, and starting to have a panic attack. At one point I thought that I was going to have to call the out-of-hours GP service as … Continue reading And he’s home

Reversing roles can bring you closer together

This evening I am off up to the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, to visit my husband Andrew who today had an operation. Hopefully, it has done what was needed and he will no longer have a gall bladder. It has been causing him no end of pain since August 2012. It’s quite the role reversal for the two of us: me visiting him in hospital and not the other way about. For nearly all of our life together it has been me that has been the one who has needed much care and attention. Now, I get to give back some … Continue reading Reversing roles can bring you closer together

The tables have turned…

Up until recently it has been me being the unwell one in my marriage. However, since December and much more so in the last few weeks it has been Andrew. Like me, you would not know just from looking at him what is wrong. And for a while I even doubted that there was something physically wrong with him. But today we got word that he, touch wood, will be going into the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald to have his gall bladder removed. As many of us living with HIV know, it can be very frustrating to say that you are … Continue reading The tables have turned…

Frightened, but it came ok in the end

Last Friday night I was frightened, very frightened. I couldn’t stand light. It got so bad that I couldn’t even have the ‘light’ from the led on the BT Broadband home hub was too much when I was hiding under the duvet in the spare room of my friend Andrew with a very sore head. He was very worried about me – and after another fainting in his front room, which had been preceded by me not being able to speak, which was quite awkward when I was attempting to make a ‘honey drink’ (and had fainted – and Andrew … Continue reading Frightened, but it came ok in the end