This evening I am off up to the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, to visit my husband Andrew who today had an operation. Hopefully, it has done what was needed and he will no longer have a gall bladder. It has been causing him no end of pain since August 2012.

It’s quite the role reversal for the two of us: me visiting him in hospital and not the other way about. For nearly all of our life together it has been me that has been the one who has needed much care and attention. Now, I get to give back some of what I have received. I don’t do this because he has cared for me. No, I do it because I love him. Yes, he has helped me. But this is what marriage is all about, although I suspect that some of the peers in the House of Lords may not agree with me.

I will update the blog later with further news later.

A cure for HIV?

In other news, I have been in communication with a number of people who have contacted me in recent weeks saying that they have a ‘cure for HIV and AIDS’. To say that I am more than a little sceptical is somewhat the understatement of the century (millennium?) but I hope to hear back from them, and let my readers be the judge.