1, 2, 3, and an apology

Up to the Royal Victoria Hospital again this afternoon for my, now standard, weekly check up. First the results: Viral Load 5 October 2010 – 250 21 October 2010 – 1,100 11 November 2010 – 8300 CD4 count Don’t have dates but it is 110 and 6% – so that is all much of a muchness. What these results mean For those of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning, this will be obviously not the best thing at all. With the viral load rising, and me taking the anti-retrovirals it seems that some drug has failed. … Continue reading 1, 2, 3, and an apology

When I go… will they cry?

Last night was difficult – I’m not quite sure why, but it was. I was watching the last episode of Series 1 of Queer As Folk (American version) with my friend Andrew. Right at the end of this episode is the scene where Justin Taylor, played so excellently by Randy Harrison, ends up as the victim in a vicious homophobic attack. Justin is taken to hospital, and there is a lot of crying, not just on screen – but in the audience. I said something then that I possibly shouldn’t have. But I’m repeating it now to see what others … Continue reading When I go… will they cry?

Frightened, but it came ok in the end

Last Friday night I was frightened, very frightened. I couldn’t stand light. It got so bad that I couldn’t even have the ‘light’ from the led on the BT Broadband home hub was too much when I was hiding under the duvet in the spare room of my friend Andrew with a very sore head. He was very worried about me – and after another fainting in his front room, which had been preceded by me not being able to speak, which was quite awkward when I was attempting to make a ‘honey drink’ (and had fainted – and Andrew … Continue reading Frightened, but it came ok in the end

Another week, more treatment, lots of support

It’s another week, and I’ve not had anything put up on this blog for ages, but it’s not because nothing has been happening – quite the opposite in fact. Life has been moving on. I have been working away and getting on with various things. However, last weekend I felt a bump on the back of my neck, and on Thursday I fought through the rain, gale force winds and awful traffic to make it up to the Gay Men’s clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. I thought it was probably a recurrence of the now dreaded PVL-MRSA … Continue reading Another week, more treatment, lots of support

smiling and whistling under all difficulties

As you know, last week I was called up to the Royal Victoria Hospital for an appointment. There was something more virulent about the MRSA that had caused my abscesses earlier in the year. The results show that what I had was PVL-MRSA. Or to spell it out… Panton-Valentine Leukocidin, MRSA. This is particularly nasty. And has meant that I have had particularly nasty abscesses that have had to be drained in emergency surgery, both times. The particularly nasty side effect that has come up now is that since we are trying to prevent me getting this form bacteria again, … Continue reading smiling and whistling under all difficulties