Up to the Royal Victoria Hospital again this afternoon for my, now standard, weekly check up.

First the results:

Viral Load

5 October 2010 – 250
21 October 2010 – 1,100
11 November 2010 – 8300

CD4 count

Don’t have dates but it is 110 and 6% – so that is all much of a muchness.

What these results mean

For those of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning, this will be obviously not the best thing at all. With the viral load rising, and me taking the anti-retrovirals it seems that some drug has failed. Therefore, today there were seven samples of blood taken so that the scientific people who look at the blood can try a resistance test on the blood.

Second the MRSA

The abscess caused by PVL-MRSA on the back of my neck has all but gone. So thankfully the Linezolid tablets have come to an end. Hurrah!

Thirdly, recent weeks

All of this could be part of why I have been feeling not well at all for the last wee while.

I’m sorry to have to say this but sometimes when I am feeling unwell I end up lashing out and hurting those that I hold dear. To those that have been on the receiving end of that in recent months, I am sorry.