EEG with 32 elektrodes
EEG with 32 elektrodes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In recent months I have been having some interesting moments. Interesting is a rather good spin on it though. In the past week thinking about what has been going on is somewhat terrifying. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you all exactly what is going on from first-hand experience as I don’t remember. But that is part of the problem.

You see, I have been having funny turns for some months now. They vary in frequency and indeed in length and how they present themselves. It could be that I appear to have fainted. Alternatively that I have fallen asleep. Or I am just completely blank – staring into space. They happen when I am lying down, sitting down, and even when I am standing. Fortunately, I have Andrew on side a lot of the time to be able to catch me – if I fall.

Of course, Andrew is not about all the time. Sometimes I find myself in odd positions and deduce that I’ve had an attack of some kind. Yesterday and today seem to have been clear of them. Let’s hope this continues.

However, having had an ECG to rule out heart problems, I am now waiting for an EEG and an MRI scan. Apparently the waiting list is seven months.