The Bailiff of Jersey, Mr William James Bailhache.

All around the world people are using World AIDS Day (1 December)as a time to raise funds for HIV charities and to raise awareness of HIV in their communities.

However this is not going to happen on the Channel Island of Jersey. I have been told that the Bailiff of Jersey has said that

Only collections for Christmas charities are allowed to collect in December.

I have sent an email to the Bailiff seeking clarification of this ruling. I will update this blog when/if I get a response.


Response from David Filipponi, Chief Officer, Bailiff’s Chambers, St Helier, Jersey:

Dear Mr Campbell,
Thank you for your email addressed to the Bailiff concerning collections and World AIDS Day.
Over the years, permission has been granted to ACET to collect for World AIDS Day as near to the 1st December as is requested by that charity. This year, ACET collected on Saturday 28th November. This arrangement allows the collection date to be ‘shared’ with the Joint Christmas Charities Appeal which also collects at this time of year. Normally, and in order to avoid the damaging effects of two or more collections taking place at the same time in close proximity, the Bailiff usually only approves one collection permit at any one time. Perhaps you might like to consider making contact with ACET for next year as it has traditionally been the organisation which coordinates collecting around World AIDS Day.
I hope this assists
Yours sincerely

David CG Filipponi
Chief Officer

This answer states the current situation but does not answer my questions about what the regulations are. So I asked for clarification.
The response is below:

Please find a link below to the information you seek –


As you will note from the information provided, the powers of the Bailiff rest in customary law not regulations. I should also point out that the Bailiff has not reached any such conclusion about making it impossible for HIV-related charities to collect on World Aids Day as you suggest in your email and I am not sure where this information comes from. You will also find details/criteria for applying contained in the link.

I trust this is of assistance.

Well, looks like this one is set to run and run.. hopefully those in Jersey will be able to sort this out by next year.