Yesterday, I had my latest trip to the Guide clinic at St James’s University Hospital in Dublin. The doctor annoyed me by constantly touching my leg – so much so that I told her,

If I touched you, the way you are touching me, it would be assault.”

Fortunately, this made her stop and think. I have been debating whether I should let the clinic know officially.

The clinical information that I received were the results of the blood test from my visit in November.

Viral Load is undetectable still – which is great news.

CD4 level is 573. Again this is great news.

I discussed my ongoing poor adherence to the current regime of meds. I find it difficult to remember to take the medications that are not every day. This also applies to any such renal medications – and was solved by the Renal Consultant making the one that was like that a daily dose. Sadly, as yet, this is not possible for the HIV medications. I have been told that there is a Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting about my case on 6th January. One of the items on the agenda is finding a better regime for me.

The only bloods that were requested was for viral load – so they “vampires” only needed to do one vial of blood. I think that that was a first.

The other first was that I managed to leave without collecting any more meds from the pharmacy. Over the last year, I have collected more than enough to tide me over until 11 February when I return to the clinic. That little change in routine made my day. It’s amazing what simple things will do.