New Year: new days for dialysis – from next week

Last week, just before Christmas, I requested a change in my dialysis shift to help me to get back to work. Having three days out of five of the working week on dialysis only meant I had the opportunity to get back to work two days. By shifting the days on dialysis to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, this opens up possibilities.

So, from Tuesday 7th January 2020, Liam will have to get up much earlier than he has been used to. We will need to be leaving the houas about 7.30 am to get to Tullamore for 8.00 am start.

Of course, this will have a knock-on effect on other appointments, so I will need to contact the GUIDE clinic at St James’s University Hospital to change my next appointment as I no longer can make a Tuesday morning. I am sure they will understand.

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