Back in December 2018, I gained a medical device in my chest called a permacath that allowed for haemodialysis. Since the autumn of 2019, this has now been carried out via the arteriovenus fistula in my upper left arm rendering the permacath redundant. Therefore, I am pleased to report that it is the end of the line for the permacath.

Last week I was told that it would be taken out on Friday 28th February, but yesterday I received a telephone call from the dialysis unit informing me that there was a slot available this Friday, did I want it? Of course I did.

This week, I already had four hospital appointments – now it is five! I am looking forward to it being taken out as it has been quite limiting in my life – no showers, no swimming, no lying on it. Sleeping has been difficult as well given the positions are limited: can’t lie on my left arm due to the arteriovenous fistula, and can’t lie on my front due to the permacath. Hopefully this will improve once it is out.