Results and no meds collected

Yesterday, I had my latest trip to the Guide clinic at St James’s University Hospital in Dublin. The doctor annoyed me by constantly touching my leg – so much so that I told her, If I touched you, the way you are touching me, it would be assault.” Fortunately, this made her stop and think. I have been debating whether I should let the clinic know officially. The clinical information that I received were the results of the blood test from my visit in November. Viral Load is undetectable still – which is great news. CD4 level is 573. Again … Continue reading Results and no meds collected

feeling a bit down

It is coming up on a year since my kidneys failed. It has been a year of readjustments. Still the readjustments are needed. I am more or less settled into the rhythm of dialysis three times a week. Currently, I get it on the afternoons of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So, for those days I have to be in Portarlington by 1.15 pm so that I can be got to Tullamore for dialysis by 2 pm. I am often lucky to be home by 7 pm. For the last few weeks, I have been consistently arriving for dialysis under my … Continue reading feeling a bit down