Since I have been on dialysis, I have been having real difficulty with adherence for my HIV medication. This has been because of the regime including 1 tablet once a day, 1 once a week, and 1 once every 96 hours. Every time I have been to see my HIV consultant since starting on this regime, I have raised the possibility of finding another regime that would make it easier to get back to 100% adherence.

A Juluca tablet.

On Monday past, I was very glad to learn that it had been suggested at the Interdisciplinary Team meeting about me earlier in January that there were a couple of ways forward. Following some discussion with my consultant, we have decided to go for Juluca.

I have about a month left of the current regime, so after that is exhausted then I shall switch to the Juluca.

On Monday, it was confirmed that despite the non-100% adherence, my viral load is still undetectable which is fantastic news. The consultant then also said I did not need to have bloods done as everything was fine previously and there had been no change to the medication, so we will do them again when I am back in March.

Seems like it is a week of positives following the news about the permacath removal.