With HIV transmissions still occurring in the Generation Zero. Indeed while 56 Dean Street has seen an 80% reduction in HIV diagnoses generally, they have not seen such a reduction in the under 25 years category. To help combat this they have had a fundraising campaign (see below) so that they can create and run a new project to give Free PrEP to anyone under 25, who is HIV negative, having sex without condoms, and is willing to attend Dean Street Express quarterly, and who is using the Sweatbox Sauna in London on Tuesdays between 5 and 8 pm.

All they need from anyone is a blood test, a sexual health screen, and a consent form, then they are good to go.

Now, I have never been to this sauna, but those friends who I know who have been there say that it is one of the best they know. I am very glad to hear that this project is up and running. We must, as a society, work to combat the transmission of HIV. Yes, using condoms is one way. But so is using PrEP.

Find out about Prep in this playlist from 56 Dean Street

Support the campaign

If you would like to contribute to the fundraising campaign so that 56 Dean Street can provide free PrEP to people under 25, you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/56deanstreet

An Irish dimension?

Will we see a similar outreach campaign here in Ireland in the near future? Will any agency take it on? I know that there is HIV testing in clubs on occasion, so perhaps that project will be able to take on PrEP as well? It is just a thought from me: I am sure someone else is thinking about it as well.