Bit of a mix-up: but it’s all sorted now!

Bit of a mix-up today at dialysis. After a conversation that I had had with the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 on Thursday afternoon after my dialysis session that morning, I had asked what I should do if I were unable to get back to dialysis on Saturday and was in the North. I was told by the CNM2 that I should get back for dialysis. I persisted and asked “And if I cannot?” His response was to reiterate that I should get back here. He did say that if I could not get back for the morning session, I should let them know and they would arrange for the afternoon session to be possible. I agreed that I would ring on Friday (yesterday) if I were not going to be here for my regular dialysis on Saturday morning.

I returned from Co. Antrim yesterday afternoon and tried to get some sleep before waking up early to be ready for dialysis.

Roll on this morning, the taxi arrived at the house, I got in and we travelled across to Tullamore. On entering the dialysis unit, I went to “my room” and found it was set up for someone else. Odd, I thought, so I went to look at Room 2, and found that it was set up for someone else as well.

One of the health care assistants told me that the supervisor would be round to speak to me because they thought I was not going to be here.

So, after speaking to the supervisor, we’ve realised that there was a mix-up and so I am now waiting for Andrew to come here then we will go into Tullamore for the morning and I am to be back here for half-past one, or just before.

As we know, actions have consequences. The issues that I had on Thursday that prompted my trip to the North (briefly) and the telephone call to the dialysis unit, had a knock-on effect on my care for today. Always think through what will happen. And then think it through again. Double check what you think is to happen. At least all is well today.

2 thoughts on “Bit of a mix-up: but it’s all sorted now!

  1. And of course, nothing is ever that simple. So due to another patient failing to turn up this morning as he thought he was on this afternoon, I am about to be put on to dialysis this morning — and will spend the afternoon in Tullamore with Andrew.

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