Fewer tablets to take – this will make life simpler

Those of us who have long-term chronic conditions quite often have to take multiple tablets daily. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to remember what you have taken and what you have not. I started off better recently with a pill box for each day, but have since lost a couple of days. That doesn’t help with adherence to medications.

Yesterday, whilst in the hospital for my regular dialysis session, I was told by one of the nurses that it was obvious from my recent blood tests that one of the tablets was being missed — or at least not being taken regularly. So, that has been stopped. Another drug to do the same thing will be given IV through the dialysis machine three times a week whilst I am there.

For me, that is the best solution to the problem. I hate taking medication. I have just about managed to cope with taking my HIV medications and that is only one pill a day nowadays. But for the kidney failure, I am lucky it is now really only the Calcium binders with meals, and pills for high blood pressure. Here’s hoping that I can manage to take them in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Food whilst on dialysis is back

Liam looking happy for getting
a biscuit of his own.

For the last few weeks we have been getting a sandwich again whilst on dialysis. In the last week, a cup of tea has been added as well. On Friday past, they ancillary staff were nice and brought Liam (the dialysis support bear) a biscut all of his own.

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