All through the COVID-19 pandemic, those of us who are receiving kidney dialysis have been told by the HSE in Ireland that we are

at very high risk (extremely vulnerable) of serious illness from COVID-19 if [we] are on dialysis or waiting to start dialysis.”

Kidney Disease and COVID-19, on accessed 2021-01-20. 

At present, we are placed in seventh position (if we are adults) and fifteenth position (if we are under 18) to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. I have contacted a number of the members of Dáil Éireann and even Seanad Éireann to ask them to speak to the Minister of Health and others to try to get dialysis patients and transplant patients reprioritised.

As Cathal Berry TD said in Dáil Éireann on 17th December,

It is correct and appropriate that those who are most likely to contract the illness or those who are most vulnerable if they contract it, should be at the front of the queue.”

Dáil Éireann debate – Thursday 17 December 2020, Vol. 1002, No. 7. accessed 2020-01-20.

Having written to Dr Berry late last night, I am pleased to say that he has agreed to keep me up-to-date with any progress that may be made on this issue. He informed me that

Prof Karina Butler of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee is currently refining the prioritisation categories to provide for a more sophisticated sub-categorisation like you outline. I’ve no doubt that those with chronic illnesses will move up the ladder.

Personal Correspondence from Cathal Berry TD, 2020-01-20 23:59.

Let’s keep the pressure on the Government of Ireland and especially Stephen Donnelly, Minister of Health to ensure that those of us who are at most risk do receive the vaccine as quickly as possible.

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels