Having had my first appointment with the National Transplant team in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin in January, I knew that I would be referred to their Infectious Diseases consultant and their Nephrologist before I could even think about being added to the transplant list.

This morning, I got the notification about my appointment at the Infectious Diseases clinic on Thursday 18th February 2021. It is at 09:40, so I will be leaving the house at about 07:00 to make it there via train to Heuston, Luas to Connolly, and then Bus from there. Unfortunately, I cannot get a cheap deal on the train fare as I have no idea when I will be coming back. The clinic length is not known. It could be anything from 15 minutes to an hour or more.

At least the hospital has a nice coat of arms to pique my heraldic interest as well. I wonder where the letters patent granting the arms are stored. Will they be on display?