“Positive about HIV” – feature in Sunday Life

At the end of last month, I met with Sara Girvin, a reporter with The Sunday Life — Sunday newspaper of the year — to talk to her about living with HIV. Sara had contacted me earlier in the month via Twitter suggesting an interview in the future. As before, with the Belfast Telegraph, and Ulster Television, and anyone else really, I am happy to talk about living with HIV. Sara suggested it being   ‘at some stage before Christmas’ and I suggested that we have it leading up to 1 December, which is World AIDS Day.

The Sunday Life unlike its sister daily paper, the Belfast Telegraph, does not have a website. This can only be for the reason that they want us to go out and spend the £1.40 on buying the paper. I do have some sympathy for them, but on occasion it is awkward when trying to get people to read the article. So, that afternoon, Andrew went out and got a copy. Below is a photo of the spread — I did not expect to be across two pages!

Photo of “Positive about HIV” article by Sara Girvin in the Sunday Life 24 Nov 2013.
Photo of “Positive about HIV” article by Sara Girvin in the Sunday Life 24 Nov 2013.

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Getting the message to schools…

The message of safer sex is always an important one and to no group of society more so than to our young people. I was fortunate to go talk to the senior school assembly in Shimna Integrated College, in Newcastle just after World Aids Day last year about living with HIV. But the fifteen short minutes was not enough time to go into the whole safer sex information discussion. Sometimes it seems that it is very difficult in Northern Ireland to get HIV mentioned in school. This is not the case all round the UK though. In Bedfordshire there is … Continue reading Getting the message to schools…

AIDS Warning – Tasteless joke award…

aids day
aids day (Photo credit: max_thinks_sees)

This evening, after a long and tiring week I settled down to chat to a few friends on Facebook, one of the many groups that I am a member flashed up as having a new post… knowing the group to be one where some good jokes are often posted, I hurried across…


To all of you approaching 55 or have REACHED 55 and past, this E-mail is especially for you…

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#WorldAIDSDay – a day I’m proud to have been involved with @PositiveLife_NI

As I think you may have noticed there has been a lot of coverage in Northern Ireland’s media leading up today, World AIDS Day. The photo to the right illustrates how one story can have quite different articles produced in four of the local newspapers yesterday. The headlines tell the story for each of the newspapers: The Daily Mirror had “Ulster Facing HIV Timebomb – Most heterosexuals get virus abroad” The Irish News had “Singer Kennedy backs centre for people living with HIV” “Increase in Ulster HIV cases” was the uninspiring one from the News Letter. (it did look like it was … Continue reading #WorldAIDSDay – a day I’m proud to have been involved with @PositiveLife_NI

For #WAD2012 – free #HIV testing kits from @DrEd

This weekend (Friday 30th December 9am – Sunday 2nd December), if you fear you may have been infected with HIV, you can order an easy-to-use home test kit1, free from DrEd.com as part of their support for National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day, and test yourself discreetly, without having to visit your GP or local GUM clinic. Continue reading For #WAD2012 – free #HIV testing kits from @DrEd

3 days to go to WAD2012 – so much happening as we #PainttheTownRED

We’ve three days to go until World AIDS Day but with everything that has been going on today  as we Paint the Town Red in Belfast you would be forgiven for thinking that we had made it there already. First of all this morning I was at The HIV Support Centre in Belfast for the launch of its new name Positive Life by Brian Kennedy. Meeting him and listening to him as he chatted to clients, volunteers and staff of Positive Life was wonderful. I know that although I have never heard him in concert myself, I hope to make … Continue reading 3 days to go to WAD2012 – so much happening as we #PainttheTownRED