Living openly with HIV always helps

  Since I was diagnosed back in 2009 as living with HIV, I have tried to live my life openly. This blog started off anonymously but then I realised that this was self-stigmatizing. Not something to be proud of. As part of my commemoration of World AIDS Day in December 2010, I ‘came out‘ on this blog as myself. Over in London, an Olympic trampolinist, Ji Wallace has just come out as positive too. Far too often people living with HIV live their lives, keeping their diagnosis a secret, not telling anyone other than the medical staff at the GUM … Continue reading Living openly with HIV always helps

Watch out, this blog is coming back to life!

It hardly seems that a year has gone past, but it has. Last year, I finally decided that this blog should be merged with my other one Gyronny Herald. However, I have taken the decision that that idea did not really work. Some people complained to me that there were no posts to this one. So, watch out – this is about to change. And just in time for World AIDS Day. So don’t forget that you can support many charities across the world that support people living with HIV. My first choice for this at the moment is The … Continue reading Watch out, this blog is coming back to life!

1 day after World AIDS Day – and the clinic winds us up

It is only the day after World AIDS Day, and I am not the only patient that has had issues with the nursing staff in the HIV clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, this afternoon. I cannot go into the specifics of the incident concerning another patient, but the problem that I had was that they didn’t read the notes that the doctor had made in my notes. results CD4 = 90 (6%). VL = 300. More Linezolid prescribed and as a result of the CD4 count being so low, I am back on my old favourite of … Continue reading 1 day after World AIDS Day – and the clinic winds us up

December 2

The Day after World Aids Day 2009

December 1st has come and gone again for the next year and still people don’t even know what the red ribbon is.

I was talking to a friend last night, he told me of his being the only person, at a meeting of over 20 attendees last night, who actually was wearing a red ribbon. He said that this was really because there was no where to buy a red ribbon. Continue reading “December 2”