We’ve three days to go until World AIDS Day but with everything that has been going on today  as we Paint the Town Red in Belfast you would be forgiven for thinking that we had made it there already. First of all this morning I was at The HIV Support Centre in Belfast for the launch of its new name Positive Life by Brian Kennedy. Meeting him and listening to him as he chatted to clients, volunteers and staff of Positive Life was wonderful. I know that although I have never heard him in concert myself, I hope to make it to one of his gigs soon.

Having that under the belt, we were dashing off up to Parliament Buildings, Stormont for a photo call with the members of the Northern Ireland Assembly‘s Health Committee. It was rather funny going into the building not only as a client of The HIV Support Centre/Positive Life but wearing my staff pass as well.

A number of MLAs were rather surprised to see me there… it seems now that they do know someone living with HIV even if they had thought that they did not.

Then back into the city centre for a short interview with Sharon O’Neill from Ulster Television which should go into a piece in the 1030pm slot tonight. Talking to Sharon O’Neill of UTV was a great experience and it was rather fun to be the one interviewed instead of lurking in the background as someone else was. Having said that, I am not sure that I said all that I wanted to say, and I may have said more than was intended… but we will see later tonight.

And then tomorrow we have two days to go – and there’s so much more to be done….