Dating system

Since I started this diary of events I have been using ‘days since diagnosis‘ as my dates. However it has come to me that this is actually turning into somewhat of a countdown (or rather count-up) to when things are worse than they are currently. For this reason, I have decided to revert to the actual date for posts from now on. There may be an alternative title on occasion but, in general, it will be the date.

Life in general

This morning I was awake very early. As I got up I heard the birds singing and realised that it was a time of day that I had missed for some months now. In the last weeks, rarely have I woken up—let alone actually got out of bed—before 9 a.m., so this morning getting up at about 6.30 a.m., and being in work at my desk by 7.30 a.m. was quite an achievement. I think that I managed to get more work done than I have done in recent weeks. For now, I’ll leave this and see what happens in the rest of the day.