The drug régime is taking its toll on me. Remembering to take the drugs is becoming more difficult as time goes on. I suspect that this is because I am feeling better and better—making me feel less and less like I need to take the drugs. However, I have not missed yet.


Today has been very easy in the food department and tomorrow will be so again. I am staying with my parents and enjoying homecooked food once again. There really is nothing like food prepared by your mother. But tomorrow it will be back to having to do it all myself. If I have electric by then. But that’s another matter.


Friends are very good to have when you are recently diagnosed. Indeed they are good throughout life. My friends have been excellent and I am truly grateful for all the hugs, meals, drinks, love and support in all its guises that I have been given over the last ten weeks. They know who they are. There is no need to give their names here. Hopefully, soon I will start to be able to accept more fully what has happened.